This online collection of video presentations provides insights and practical information from leading OCBA members of the bench and bar. Each video presentation is around 10 minutes or less.


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filmed on:12/16/2010
Title:  Tips for success in Law & Motion
Speaker:  Dean Zipser
Summary:  Tips for success in Law & Motion, before, during and after the hearing, from a Past President of the OCBA and veteran litigator.

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filmed on:10/07/2010
Title:  Reflections on a prestigious 45-year career
Speaker:  Thomas Malcolm
Summary:  Reflections on a prestigious 45-year career by one of Orange County’s preeminent trial attorneys, including lessons gleaned from the ups and downs along the way.

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filmed on:09/29/2010
Title:  Intake in a Personal Injury Matter
Speaker:  Darren Aitken
Summary:  Practical tips for conducting the initial interview with the potential personal injury plaintiff, including the 3 critical areas that must be assessed for a meaningful evaluation of the viability of the client's claim.

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filmed on:09/22/2010
Title:  Anticipating and Avoiding Corporate Indictment
Speaker:  John Hueston
Summary:  OCBA 2011 President and former Enron Prosecutor John Hueston addresses representing the corporation in connection with threatened criminal prosecution: Tips on avoiding an indictment and deter prosecution.

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filmed on:09/03/2010
Title:  Alternative Dispute Resolution
Speaker:  Stuart Jasper
Summary:  Veteran litigator Stuart Jasper discusses how to win at mediation, including proper timing, preparation, mediation and settlement structures, and how a successful mediator addresses potential impasses and attempts to provide the most value for each side.

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filmed on:08/09/2010
Title:  Why Good Lawyers Volunteer
Speaker:  Ken Babcock
Summary:  From the Director of the Orange County Public Law Center, how doing pro bono service can enrich you as a person and as an attorney, including an overview about PLC, what it does, and opportunities for volunteering within PLC and beyond.

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filmed on:10/13/2009
Title:  An A To Z Guide On The Practice Of Family Law
Speaker:  Mark Minyard
Summary:  A veteran family-law attorney provides an A to Z guide on the practice of family law, with emphasis on traps and pitfalls to avoid.

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filmed on:10/06/2009
Title:  How To Prepare A Winning Case For Trial
Speaker:  Thomas Pistone
Summary:  A 30-year trial veteran shares his insider tips on how to prepare a winning case for trial, including preparation of the opening statement, witness examinations, checklists, outlines, the trial notebook, and more.

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filmed on:10/09/2008
Title:  Settlement Agreements
Speaker:  Martha K. Gooding Esq.
Summary:  Attorney Martha Gooding shares tips for memorializing settlement terms into a cohesive and effective settlement agreement.

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filmed on:10/02/2008
Title:  The 998 Offer
Speaker:  Wylie Aitken Esq.
Summary:  Nationally recognized trial attorney Wylie Atkin discusses the basics of 998 offers: The effects of making and receiving statutory pretrial settlement offers as well as tactics and strategies.

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filmed on:09/29/2008
Title:  Fee Agreements
Speaker:  Robert K. Sall Esq.
Summary:  Attorney Robert Sall provides a 'nutshell' presentation on fee agreements including valuable resources, must-know code sections, and practical tips.

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filmed on:09/23/2008
Title:  Preparing Your Client for Deposition
Speaker:  William S. O'Hare, Esq.
Summary:  Veteran attorney William O'Hare discusses the ins and outs of preparing your client for deposition.

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filmed on:07/15/2008
Title:  Persuasive Writing
Speaker:  Marjorie G. Fuller, Esq.
Summary:  Appellate attorney and professional writer Marjorie Fuller provides invaluable tips and advice on how to write like a persuasive pro.

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filmed on:06/26/2008
Title:  Do What You Love, Love What You Do
Speaker:  Jeanne A. Thomas, Esq.
Summary:  Attorney Jeanne Thomas shares some valuable insights as well as her own unique perspective on balancing life/work issues in the practice of law.

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